Close Combat Symposium

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The aim of the symposium is to consider trends and developments in small arms, dismounted weapon systems, ammunition, sensors, optics, and protective clothing and equipment. The principal theme for this year’s event is survivability. Day 1 seeks to examine future capability requirements for Ground Manoeuvre forces to identify current capability gaps and to examine threats. Particular areas of interest are nano-technologies such as unmanned aerial systems, soldier worn power and data systems to enhance situational awareness and decision making, and technologies that reduce the human error budget and training overhead.

This symposium brings together representatives from across the international defence and security sector. Through presentations by Army HQ, DE&S, Dstl, industry and academia, and through plenary discussion the purpose is to encourage a sharing of ideas and opportunity to challenge current thinking.

Glenair are exhibiting & also presenting slides on our latest soldier worn connectors and our STAR-PAN power & data distribution hub at this event.