Space-Grade Backshells and Shielding Accessories

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At Glenair, we understand the highly-specialized mechanical, electrical and optical performance requirements for data, video, and control communications in exoatmospheric vehicles. Space-rated interconnect systems require specialized materials processing and precise mating interfaces. Size and weight reduction are additional key requirements. All are Glenair strengths.

Space is one of the most severe environments imaginable. During launch, spacecraft and their payloads are shaken violently and battered with intense sound waves. Earth's atmosphere has an insulating property, but spacecraft operating beyond this layer of protection are subjected to shock, vibration, temperature, corrosion, and acoustic stress factors which can damage mission-critical systems.

Temperatures in space can range from extremely cold — hundreds of degrees below freezing — to many hundreds of degrees above, especially if a spacecraft ventures close to the sun. Temperature extremes can generate stress in metal, glass and polymer materials and potentially lead to cracking or other failures.

At Glenair, the overriding concern for space-grade interconnects is reliability. When millions of dollars worth of equipment is at stake — not to mention invaluable human cargo when brave and talented women and men take flight — the interconnect components we manufacture have to work with assured reliability and safety every time.

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Space-Grade Backshells and Shielding Accessories