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Glenair, is a growing Interconnect business employing people in sales, application engineering, design engineering, production engineering and manufacturing positions.

Glenair is proud of the quality and reliability we build into our extensive range of interconnect solutions—from discrete connectors to complex integrated systems. Glenair is the biggest “made in the first world” interconnect supplier in the high-reliability industry.

We are laser-focused on customer service and committed to being the easiest manufacturer in our market to do business with.

Think you can add to our talented team? Read on.

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A message from our company president, Chris Toomey, on why you should consider working at Glenair:

We like to think of ourselves as a “uniquely responsive” interconnect company of scale. I believe no other interconnect supplier combines the service-levels of our technical support team, the productive capacity of our first-world based factories, the speed and availability of our massive same-day inventory, and our willingness to tackle even the most challenging interconnect problems—from small quantity specials to complex cables and integrated interconnect systems. One of our greatest sources of pride is our appetite for new product innovation, even as we maintain support for the broad range of legacy and industry-standard interconnect technologies. Above all, we pride ourselves on being an easy company to work with: we take our guiding principle to “build win-win business relationships” to heart in all our activities.

Of course, all of this goodness depends on teamwork. And what a great team we have here at Glenair. I suppose it might be considered naïve in some circles to observe that the aggressive, hardball, win/lose tactics other people use to reach the top effectively robs them of the “good company” and “team-spirit” we enjoy every day here at Glenair. As someone much smarter than me once observed, “it’s great to be great, but it’s better to be human.” I’ll take human every time.

Now don’t get me wrong: we aspire to business success and material accomplishment as much as the next guy. It’s just that we also believe it is equally important to live a meaningful and satisfying life—and we manage our business accordingly. To accomplish this balance, you need genuine, high-quality relationships; the kind of “good company” that comes by being the right kind of team-mate yourself—trustworthy, authentic, happy, kind, courageous and humble—behaviour I am happy to say, I see put into practice every day here at Glenair. If this is the kind of work environment you have a thirst for, fill in the employment enquiry form below.

Chris Toomey

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