Glenair UK Ltd

40 Lower Oakham Way
Oakham Business Park
Mansfield, Notts
NG18 5BY
Tel: +44 1623 638100
Fax: +44 1623 638111
email: sales@glenair.co.uk

About Glenair UK Ltd

Glenair UK Ltd has provided interconnect products and systems into the military, aerospace and other harsh EMC and physical environments for over 40 years.

Glenair manufacture a wide range of Mil-spec and aerospace qualified harness products including : circular connectors, Micro-D and nanominiature connectors, connector backshells and accessories, conduit and braiding, heat shrink boots as well as providing connector assembly tooling.

Other high reliability products include fibre optic components and assemblies, composite connectors and accessories through to filtered or hermetic connectors. We specialise in the design and manufacture of high performance wired harness and flexi-harness assemblies including sealed over-moulded cables for many technically demanding and challenging applications.

Our “no-gap” product philosophy means we provide complete ranges of products to offer as many standard off-the-shelf options and variants as possible. Glenair can also design and produce bespoke products quickly to meet any customer specific requirement or application.

Located on Oakham Business Park in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire with over 70,000 sq ft of workspace all stages of our products life-cycle are covered from design and development through qualification and manufacture onto in-service technical support.

Our large design team utilises the latest 3-D design tools such as Solidworks and Pro-engineer to work quickly and effectively with our customers to design the optimum interconnect solutions. We are able to produce rapid prototypes in-house to prove concepts quickly and then use our on-site independently accredited test laboratory to conduct full environmental testing to qualify our products.

Glenairs’ products can be manufactured from a variety of types and grades of materials including aluminium, marine bronzes, stainless steels through to specialised materials like titanium. A large range of finishes and Mil-spec approved platings are available to suit any requirement including RoHS compliant variants such as our newly developed Nickel-PTFE 1000 hour Grey.

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Please use this site to explore our product portfolio and we encourage you to contact our regional sales teams to discuss any of your interconnect requirements.

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