28.02.2022 Company News

Employee News

These articles are for our employees only. It provides news and information regarding our operations.

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10.02.2022 Company News

Our Growing Talent

Glenair invest in our apprenticeship programs to enable us to grow our very own talent in-house. The following case studies are just some of our success stories.

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24.01.2022 QwikConnect

Wagon Train or Rail Car?

An article by Glenair president, Chris Toomey - : "The way I see it, Glenair is that train. Because unless I miss my guess, our fast lead times and dependable on-time delivery will change customer perceptions regarding how they “travel” from point A to point B."

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13.12.2021 Company News

COVID-19 Update

A message from Glenair UK, Managing Director, Tony Birks

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05.10.2021 Product News

STAR-PAN™ Mission Manager

As useful a tool as STAR-PAN™ has become, these power and data sharing hubs cannot by themselves resolve "plug-and-play" device configuration requirements. Enter the STAR-PAN™ Mission Manager, the newest member of the STAR-PAN™ system, designed to directly address the field device integration needs of today's battlefield warriors.

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04.07.2021 Product News

Glenair – Micro-Seminar Series

Sixteen micro product seminars covering Glenair Signature interconnect technologies.

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