07.05.2024 QwikConnect

Who Are You Going to Believe?

An article by Glenair president, Chris Toomey -: I was recently emailed a link to video of a public figure I admire, side by side with someone I believe to be a perfect scoundrel. They were laughing and cavorting like good old friends. The implication of the mail was that “my guy” was clearly a bad fellow...

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Poor Charlie...

An article by Glenair president, Chris Toomey -: American businessman, investor, and philanthropist Charlie Munger passed away this fall just one month shy of his 100th birthday celebration. His impact will be significant and lasting on the world he leaves behind.

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01.12.2023 Company News

Glenair Apprentice Appreciation November 2023

A short article to commemorate our apprentices here at Glenair UK!

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28.07.2023 QwikConnect

Can We Have a Chatbot?

An article by Glenair president, Chris Toomey -: At the risk of dating myself as an old timer, I can remember when customer-service phone calls to a business were picked up by a real human being instead of an automated system with touch-tone menu choices. Looking back, I think the automated switchboard was the end of an era for good customer service...

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24.07.2023 Company News

Glenair at the Great Vision Awards 2023

This article highlights and celebrates some of our Apprentices, who were recently nominated and rewarded for their efforts for relevant awards in their current line of work...

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30.05.2023 Product News

Glenair Earth Bonds

The Glenair Earth bonding system is a fast, effective and reliable means of creating an attachment to metallic structures. It creates an equipotential bond between equipment for the passage of high-intensity current in case of short circuit. Suitable where lightning strike protection is required, for EMC where low resistance electrical connections must be maintained, and in hazardous areas where naked flame is not permitted.

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