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13.01.2020 QwikConnect

STAR-PAN™ Mission Manager

STAR-PAN™ Mission Manager Plug-and-Play EUD/USB Peripheral Data Exchange Device for STAR-PAN™ Systems

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08.11.2019 QwikConnect

Military Working Dogs 2020 Calendar

Our annual calendar issue is a tribute to the MWD dogs and their handlers that play such vital roles in the service of our country, including search-and-rescue, IED detection, drug interdiction, and more. Fabulous photos, our popular centerfold puzzle and, of course, the back page Outlook column with all its usual wisdom.

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22.07.2019 QwikConnect

What World-Class Manufacturing Looks Like

Buckle up for an around-the-world tour of Glenair’s mission-critical interconnect manufacturing operation.

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18.04.2019 QwikConnect

Interconnect Technologies You Need on Your Aircraft NOW

A “Systems Approach” to Aircraft Interconnect Cabling. A knowledge packed edition of our QwikConnect magazine that provides a full breakdown of all the interconnect solutions you need for all areas of your commercial aircraft.

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