07.05.2024 QwikConnect

Who Are You Going to Believe?

An article by Glenair president, Chris Toomey -: I was recently emailed a link to video of a public figure I admire, side by side with someone I believe to be a perfect scoundrel. They were laughing and cavorting like good old friends. The implication of the mail was that “my guy” was clearly a bad fellow...

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28.07.2023 QwikConnect

Can We Have a Chatbot?

An article by Glenair president, Chris Toomey -: At the risk of dating myself as an old timer, I can remember when customer-service phone calls to a business were picked up by a real human being instead of an automated system with touch-tone menu choices. Looking back, I think the automated switchboard was the end of an era for good customer service...

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13.04.2023 QwikConnect

Life Expectancy

An article by Glenair president, Chris Toomey -: I recently had to replace the dishwasher in my kitchen at home. If you think there isn’t much difference between the major brands when it comes to kitchen appliances, get ready to learn more than you might expect—or perhaps ever want to hear—from an aerospace executive.

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24.02.2023 QwikConnect

“Mission-Critical” for the Full Business Cycle

An article by Glenair president, Chris Toomey -: Glenair didn’t get its start making industrial-grade interconnect components and then diversify into the Mil-Aero space. In fact, we have always structured our business—and always will...

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24.01.2022 QwikConnect

Wagon Train or Rail Car?

An article by Glenair president, Chris Toomey - : "The way I see it, Glenair is that train. Because unless I miss my guess, our fast lead times and dependable on-time delivery will change customer perceptions regarding how they “travel” from point A to point B."

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13.01.2020 QwikConnect

STAR-PAN™ Mission Manager

STAR-PAN™ Mission Manager Plug-and-Play EUD/USB Peripheral Data Exchange Device for STAR-PAN™ Systems

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