Military Aerospace

Glenair UK has provided interconnect innovation into the military aerospace sector for over 40 years. We have solutions waiting for you in stock and a team of industry leading product specialists dedicated to solving your interconnect design requirements.

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Civil Aerospace

As a valued design partner to the commercial aircraft industry, Glenair interconnect innovations are found virtually everywhere on modern airplanes—from severe environment landing gear conduit assemblies in the wheel well, to electrical-optical media converters for in-flight entertainment systems.

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Land Systems

Mission-critical interconnect technologies with proven defence industry pedigree and performance. From ground vehicles to the latest future soldier technologies, Glenair UK has an interconnect solution just a click away.

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Subsea,Oil & Gas

At Glenair, we excel in the design and manufacture of high-pressure, underwater interconnect connector solutions, as well as several complete lines of oil filled and depth-rated cable assemblies for deep-sea and oil & gas applications.

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Glenair has been providing Space-Grade Interconnect Solutions since the earliest manned space flights. We understand the highly specialised mechanical, electrical and optical performance requirements for data, video and communications in exoatmospheric vehicles.

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Industrial & Mass Transit

Glenair manufactures a broad range of qualified electrical power and signal connectors for electrical vehicles, industrial equipment, as well as rail, mass-transit and harsh environment military applications.

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Glenair offers a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of the nuclear market, see below to learn how we can help you further.

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Power Connectors

Glenair supports high-power applications in many ways, read on to find out more.

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Signature Interconnect Technology for Urban Air Mobility Aircraft Including Connectors for Distributed Power Propulsion Systems, Avionics, Actuators, and Sensors.

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Glenair: Dedicated to making new and ongoing product development a mainstay of our business.

New Product Development

Glenair has been in the interconnect industry since 1956, plenty has changed over the last 60 plus years, but our commitment to new product development has remained constant. We now manufacture thousands of industry-standard and special purpose connector designs, backshells, wire protection and management products, cable harnesses, lightweight EMI/RFI shielding solutions and more. We didn't get to where we are overnight, but a current snapshot of Glenair shows just how far we have come, and just how dedicated we are to making new and ongoing product development a mainstay of our business.


Even a cursory look at our current capabilities reveals just how innovative our product people and engineers have become. From our industry-leading Series 80 Mighty Mouse connector to our brand new and ultra-miniature SuperFly™ cordsets, Glenair has become the go-to market leader for innovation in interconnect systems. While many of our industry peers are seemingly content to rely on existing designs and their long-term print position in high-reliability systems, Glenair has taken steps to gear our outfit with a focus on innovation – tackling the toughest problems around – from size and weight reduction to better solutions for high-speed data transmission.

Listening to Our Customers

Literally all our business development work – from the expansion of our engineering and support capabilities to the growth of our factory space and manufacturing resources – have been undertaken with one goal in mind: Responding with as much urgency as we can muster to the needs of our customers. We understand there is no better way to address those needs than to conduct every customer conversation with our ears wide open.