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Glenair UK Support Functions

Finance Primary Contacts

Purchase Ledger : Stacey Barker - 01623 638153
Sales Ledger : Joanne Burch - 01623 638161


Compliance Officer : Jane Dunnill - 01623 638154

Business Information Systems (BIS)

BIS Manager : Reece Kind - 01623 638108
European IT Manager : Paul Draycott - 01623 638107

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Glenair technology plays an important ancillary role in attack controller and other soldier equipment sets. Glenair STAR-PAN™ Integrated Soldier Power / Data Hubs are personal area network (PAN) hub and interconnect systems that provide network data access, peripheral device connectivity and smart battery power management for JTAC electronics in Digitally Aided Close Air Support missions.

QwikConnect-October 2017

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The SuperG55 family of dry-mate underwater connectors is a revolutionary new design of the popular industry-standard marine interconnect used in countless ROV, underwater camera, diver communications, lights, pan and tilts, and other subsea applications.

- QwikConnect, October 2016

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