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For more information please contact our sales department or, for more technical questions and new specifications, the Product Manager, Circular Connectors.

Although Glenair started out as a backshell manufacturer our product portfolio has naturally evolved over the years to cover all harness interconnect products and more recently we have expanded our range of connector products some of which are :

Environmental class Mil-DTL 38999 connectors.

Glenair is QPL qualified to supply Series I, II, III and IV hermetic 38999 connectors. Our 38999 expertise also extends to lanyard quick release products, shorting plugs and receptacles, bulkhead receptacles, composite and speciality metals variants . We also have unique coax and quadrax configurations in pcb and box and wall mount versions.

Mighty Mouse – Series 80

The series 80 Mighty Mouse connector series is designed for high reliability aerospace/defence interconnect applications where small size and weight are essential. The series 80 offers virtually equal performance to the MIL-DTL-38999 interconnects with up to 71% weight and 52% savings in size for equivalent layouts. There are 6 series available: Series 800–light duty thread, Series 801 – heavy duty thread, Series 802 Aqua mouse environmental, Series 803 bayonet, Series 804 quick disconnect and Series 805 Triple-start.

Connectors are available in shell sizes 5 to 21 and contact arrangements from 3 ways up to 130 ways.

The standard contact is guage 23 but size 20, 16 and 12 guage contacts are also available for higher power applications and in various mixed configurations.


This range of products is designed for harsh marine and geophysical environments where corrosion resistance and hydrostatic pressure resistance are required. When mated these connectors can withstand up to 5000 psi. Shell sizes available are size 10 to size 24 in pin counts up to 128.

Power connectors

Glenair manufactures a broad range of qualified electrical power and signal connectors for electrical vehicles, industrial equipment, as well as rail, mass-transit and harsh environment military applications. Many of the connector products, backshells and accessories are manufactured to comply with the MIL-DTL-5015 or MIL-DTL-26482 specifications, which include hundreds of versatile power and signal connector designs ideally suited for electrical power and signal interconnect cabling

Mil QPL and Commercial Hermetic connectors

Glenair has the capability to provide hermetic connectors for many of its connector ranges. We utilise glass to metal technology to provide the required sealing levels.

Filtered connectors

Glenair has the capability to filter any of its connector ranges to provide EMI suppression. All common filter types: C, LC, Pi are available and are customised to meet specific filter characteristics. Transient suppression devices can also be incorporated in our designs to provide the required levels of lightning and/or EMP protection. We have a state of the art ceramic filter production facility to manufacture our own ceramic filters which ensures we can keep our production lead-times to a minimum.

Micro-D and Nanominiature connectors

Glenair is the worlds largest supplier of Micro-D connectors and assemblies. All Glenair Micro-D and Nano-D connectors utilise the twist pin contact system to ensure high reliability performance. Glenair is qualified to supply the complete MIL-DTL-83513 connector range.

As well as standard Micro-D connectors we have a wide range of specialised variants for particular requirements s including single-row micro for low profile applications, power Micro-D with power contacts rated up to 16amps available with or without standard guage contacts and the environmental Micro-D range capable of providing environmental sealing to bulkheads. All these variants are available in flying lead, pcb mount and solder bucket versions. In addition Glenair can supply hermetic and filtered variants of most of the Micro-D ranges.

Glenair specialises in the design and manufacture of Micro-D wired harnesses and flexi-circuit assemblies. We can provide a complete design service to provide you with a bespoke solution to solve your Micro-D interconnect challenges.

Nanominiature1 Connectors

Nanominiature connectors are high reliability ultraminiature interconnects intended for critical applications where size and weight restrictions will not allow the use of larger connectors. The GlenairSeries 89 products not only meet the electrical, mechanical and interface requirements of the military specification MIL-DTL-32139 , but offer options not specifically covered in the mil-spec. Glenair utilises a twist pin contact for our Nano connectors.

Series 79 Micro-crimp

The Micro-D Connector with Crimp Contacts: Power, Signal and Coax. The newest member of Glenair's Micro-D family, the Series 79 Micro-Crimp. The Micro-Crimp connector features crimp, rear-release size #23 contacts on .075 inch (1.9 mm) spacing, as well as size #12 and #16 power and coaxial crimp contacts in a range of hybrid layouts. Available in 29 insert arrangements, the Micro-Crimp provides a wide selection of arrangements for data and power transmission. The Series 79 Micro-Crimp is ideally suited for blind-mate rack and panel and/or module-to-chassis applications.

For more information please contact our sales department or, for more technical questions and new specifications, the Product Manager, Circular Connectors.

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