STAR-PAN™ Mission Manager

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STAR-PAN™ Mission Manager

Plug-and-Play EUD/USB Peripheral Data Exchange Device for STAR-PAN™ Systems

As useful a tool as STAR-PAN™ has become, these power and data-sharing hubs cannot by themselves resolve "plug-and-play" device configuration requirements. Enter the STAR-PAN™ Mission Manager, the newest member of the STAR-PAN™ system, designed to directly address the field device integration needs of today's battlefield warriors. In-the-field addition of peripheral devices for both general use and mission-specific profiles is a complicated and time-consuming process that often must be repeated for each and every operation. The Glenair STAR-PAN™ Mission Manager solves this problem by providing an integration bridge between the soldiers' End User Device (EUD) and the C4ISR peripherals he depends on for mission success.

  • End User Device independent — no device rooting or custom ROM images needed.
  • Real-time, plug-and-play device integration.
  • Supports multiple simultaneous Ethernet devices.
  • Dedicated EUD port for connection to downstream EUD.
  • Minimal power demands.
  • Seamless integration into STAR-PAN systems.
  • NATO standard Mighty Mouse connector interface.
  • Mission Manager MX software, Android, iOS, Windows and Linux compatible.
  • Export classification EAR99.
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