COVID-19 Update

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Dear Valued Customer

With new government guidelines coming into effect, I wanted to take the opportunity to update you on our operations and the impact of Covid-19.

Production levels and on time delivery continue to be over 95%, despite moderate increase in absenteeism caused by positive Covid-19 tests or a requirement to self-isolate (following government guidelines, and an abundance of caution in protecting the workforce).The robust safety protocols we put in place early in the pandemic continue to improve as our understanding of the virus transmission develops, is currently containing the spread – although the number of confirmed cases in the wider community continues to rise.Hopefully the new “Plan B” protocols will mitigate this situation over the coming weeks.

European manufacturing sites are experiencing a similar situation to that of the UK, it’s pleasing to report our USA facilities are operating close to 100% with no measurable impact at this time.

Consequently, based on the robust procedures and protocols we have implemented at all Glenair facilities we believe we are well prepared to continue production output to meet our customer’s demands.


Tony Birks

Managing Director