Tooling Repair

Glenair UK Ltd is the sole authorised UK distributor for the Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) range of connector tooling and provides their Authorised DMC Repair Facility in the United Kingdom. We offer complete tool repair and recertification for the range of connector tooling including:

  • Hand Tools
  • Pneumatic Tools
  • DMC Wiring System Support Kits
Tooling Repair

Connector Tooling Repair and Recertification from Glenair UK Ltd

Our DMC-trained engineers can perform complete strip down and rebuild of the tools, returning them to the manufacturers' specification, and replacing any damaged or worn parts.

Our recertification process ensures that the tools operate within the manufacturer's tolerances and gauging limits.

If a tool is found to be beyond economic repair, we can re-supply a new tool from our large inventory.

Please note:

  • Any tools returned for repair must be accompanied by a valid purchase order to allow tools to be booked into our repair system.
  • A Standard Charge of GBP 75.00 will be levied for the return of any items not repaired or found to be beyond economical repair. The tool will be returned in the stripped down condition from our investigation.
  • An acceptance of our quote must be received within 60 days; if not, the parts will be returned and a standard assessment fee of GBP 75.00, plus postage and packing, will be levied against each chargeable item
Our Repair department is an authorised repair centre for:

Astro Tool Corporation | Aviation Companies Directory
BAND-IT C954 | Buckle Stainless Steel 1/2

Bespoke copper connectors and components for the electrical  industry|TotalConnections2009

We hold an extensive spare parts inventory and offer a quick turnaround on all tool repairs and recertifications.

Please note: Any tools returned for repair must be accompanied by a valid purchase order to allow tools to be booked into our repair system.

Our Repair Department can be contacted at:

Glenair UK Ltd Limited

Crimp Tool Repair Department
2, Hamilton Place
Hamilton Way,
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire,
NG18 5FA


Glenair is Framatome Approved
Glenair is Framatome Approved
ECS/CIG 021 - 024
ECS/CIG 021 - 024

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