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30.05.2023 Product News

Glenair Earth Bonds

The Glenair Earth bonding system is a fast, effective and reliable means of creating an attachment to metallic structures. It creates an equipotential bond between equipment for the passage of high-intensity current in case of short circuit. Suitable where lightning strike protection is required, for EMC where low resistance electrical connections must be maintained, and in hazardous areas where naked flame is not permitted.

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05.10.2021 Product News

STAR-PAN™ Mission Manager

As useful a tool as STAR-PAN™ has become, these power and data-sharing hubs cannot by themselves resolve "plug-and-play" device configuration requirements. Enter the STAR-PAN™ Mission Manager, the newest member of the STAR-PAN™ system, designed to directly address the field device integration needs of today's battlefield warriors.

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04.07.2021 Product News

Glenair – Micro-Seminar Series

Sixteen micro product seminars covering Glenair Signature interconnect technologies.

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28.07.2020 Product News

**NEW** ThermaRex™ Interconnect Solutions

Learn more about the latest range of cryogenic and high-temperature tolerant connectors, cables, and conduit systems.

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10.01.2020 Product News

Military / Defense Interconnect Solutions

Glenair has been designing and manufacturing ruggedized connector solutions for land, sea, air and space applications since 1956. Many of our most innovative, problem-solving technologies are geared for specific industries.

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11.11.2019 Product News

*NEW SOLUTION* High-Speed Ultraminiature Rectangular Connectors

Multi-Port Rectangular Connector for High-Speed Wire-to-Board Applications. If you're looking for a rugged, versatile, multi-port, multi-gigabit connector, the Series 792 with shielded contact technology is an ideal solution.

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